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Norton is an English motorcycle brand founded in 1898 as a “fittings and parts for two wheel trade” builder. In 1902 Norton began building complete motorcycles, and in 1908 it began building engines in house. Throughout its history, it built only one and two cylinder motorcycles, including  nearly 100,000 bikes made specifically for the war effort. Despite this, shareholders began leaving Norton in 1953 and the company was bought by Associated Motor Cycles. Under AMC ownership, sales flourished and Norton introduced a number of models, including 500cc, 600cc, 650cc and 750cc models. The 750cc model was widely popular in the USA which helped keep Norton afloat. Poor management and government fiscal policy forced the merger with Villiers and Triumph, and its eventual demise. The marque was owned by several parties, and naming rights were split at least 4 ways, including 15 years of US re-production. In late 2008 a UK businessman bought the rights to Norton and reformed Norton in England where it developed the NRV588 racer styled after the Norton Commando, and a 1200cc superbike.

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