The Benefits of Having Spare UPS Batteries

Electronic equipment such as desktop or laptop computers, handheld devices such as iPads and smartphones, and audio and visual systems are sensitive to power fluctuations. A dip or spike in the amount of current coming through the receptacle and into the device could render it useless, lose your data and void its warranty. With backup batteries for the uninterrupted power supply (UPS), you can avoid the hassle and heartache that comes from a damaged electronic device.

Reasons to Have Spare UPS Batteries
A power outage or fluctuation can happen anywhere and at any time. Having a backup battery for the UPS ensures that it will operate properly even if you are not at home to handle the problematic situation as it occurs. The automated backup system protects you overnight, during the day while you’re at work and during times you might be traveling or away from home for an extended period of time. With spare UPS batteries, you will be able to:

Maintain the warranty on your electronic equipment
Protect your data from being lost
Get some extra time to finish what you were doing when the power outage occurred
In the event of an emergency, be able to look up needed information such as utility company contacts or current road and weather conditions
Save your work and shut down in the event of a power outage

Obtaining Spare UPS Batteries from the AZ Battery Store
At the AZ Battery Store, we make it easy for our customers to order the backup batteries they need. We carry various batteries from the nation’s leading manufacturers of UPS systems, including UPS units made by independent companies as well as those produced by the manufacturers of computing equipment. Our batteries are always in stock, so you do not have to wait weeks to get the equipment you need to protect your possessions. For assistance in selecting the right UPS batteries for your needs, feel free to contact us at any time.

The Benefits of Emergency Lighting

Having emergency lighting in your commercial building or home provides a safe way for occupants to make their way out in the event of an emergency. Adequate lighting eases the egress of people and can help minimize injuries and deaths. At the AZ Battery Store, we offer a wide variety of batteries for different types of emergency lighting. Our lighting experts can explain the benefits of having the right types of emergency lighting throughout your home or business.

Escape Route Lights
Escape route lights are mounted low on walls or along floors to illuminate the pathway out of a home or building. They are often LED-based lighting units that activate as part of an emergency alarm protocol. We carry battery backups for these lighting systems in case a power outage occurs as a part of the emergent situation.

Open Air Lighting
Open air lighting consists of bright flood lights that allow people to see when escaping from a dangerous situation. These lights are powered by generous battery packs, which offer high efficiency and power just when it is needed.

Backup Lighting
Backup lights function as standby lights in the event of a power outage. They provide critical task lighting or can illuminate areas such as a restroom. At the AZ Battery Store, we carry battery packs to power backup lights for your home or business so that everyone feels safe and secure no matter what event might occur.

Exit Signage
For business owners, clear exit signage is not just a good idea; in most cases, it is the law. Our batteries can power exit signs throughout your office or building so that all exits are clearly marked in the event of a power outage.

We carry battery replacements for the nation’s leading emergency lighting manufacturers. By investing in battery back up systems for your residential or commercial lighting fixtures, you can ensure your building is up to code while having the peace of mind that your guests will be safe even if an unexpected event occurs. For all of your emergency lighting battery backup needs, we at the AZ Battery Store are here for you.

Preparing for an Emergency

Preparing for an Emergency

An emergency can happen to anyone at any time. From natural disasters to accidents and weather related power outages, you need to be prepared for whatever might come your way. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that every household build an emergency supplies kit. Learn how to build a kit that will get you through any situation so that you and yours can stay healthy, comfortable and safe.

Carry flashlights with extra batteries. As the largest distributor of batteries in Arizona, we offer all sizes of flashlight batteries. Keep a fresh set in each flashlight plus maintain a backup supply in case of a longer power outage.

  • A battery powered NOAA weather radio and a battery powered regular radio will inform you of imminent hazards so that you can take shelter to protect yourself.
  • A cell phone and a car charger or an inverter can ensure that you can get in touch with help.
  • Battery powered lights will help illuminate your home so you can safely traverse the stairs or check on the perimeter of your property.
  • Baby wipes and plastic trash bags can help with personal sanitation.
  • One gallon of water per person per day, at least a three day supply, can ensure hydration for awhile.
  • A three day supply of non-perishable food is important. Choose high protein options such as nut butters, canned tuna and other foods that can be eaten as is. Include a manual can opener to open the packages.
  • Include a first aid kit and a week’s worth of any over the counter and prescription medicines needed by members of your household.
  • Ensure you have supplies for any pets.
  • Hand tools can shut off utilities.
  • Maps of the area are essential if you are left without electricity.
  • Shelter-in-place supplies, such as N-95 masks, plastic sheeting and duct tape, can save you from harmful gases.
  • Infant and adult hygiene supplies and a change of clothing can help.

With the right supplies, you can be prepared for any type of emergency event. High quality batteries for the equipment in your emergency supplies kit could turn your experience from one that is difficult to one that is much safer and more convenient. For all types of batteries, the AZ battery store is here for you.