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Can-Am is the motorcycle and ATV production arm of Bombardier Recreational Products. Opening its doors in 1973 under the direction of former World Motocross Champion Jeff Smith, and advised by a team of former California desert racers, Can-Am began producing motocross and enduro machines using high horsepower Rotax motors. Quickly gaining a reputation for powerful bikes, Can-Am won both Gold and Bronze medals at the 1974 ISDE, and swept the podium for the US motocross National Championship. Not long after their introduction, parent company BRP shifted priority to Aircraft and Transit vehicles, leaving the motorcycle division to suffer the loss of investment. Still struggling into the 1980ís, BRP licensed production to CCM, until it ceased motorcycle production completely in 1987.  In 2006, Can-Am was re-born as an ATV manufacturer, and also began production on its three wheel roadster, the Can-Am Spyder.


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