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Indian motorcycles were originally manufactured under the name of the Hendee Manufacturing Company, beginning in 1901. As the first  American motorcycle manufacturer, and the first with the V-twin engine design, Indian quickly became the largest manufacturer of  motorcycles in the world (1916). Produced in Springfield, MA, in a factory known then as the Wigwam, Indian was also well known for  firsts. First two speed transmission, first adjustable suspension, first electric lights, and first electric start, to name a few. Indian's most  popular models were the Scout made from 1920 to 1946 and the Chief made from 1922 to 1953. Despite record sales and devoted  customers, Indian was badly mismanaged at the top, and the brand was shuttered in 1953. In the ensuing years as many as 9  organizations have ‘owned’ the brand, including English, Italian and Taiwanese firms. Due to competing trademark claims, the company did not produce any bikes until 1999. Even that attempt was short lived, lasting only until 2003. As of 2008, under yet another ownership, Indian once again began producing bikes, this time out of Kings Mountain, NC.

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