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Yamaha had a rich history of building musical instruments, when it 1955 it starting building motorcycles. This musical heritage can be seen in its logo, which contains a tuning fork. Yamaha motorcycles had a start with its diminutive 125cc 2 stroke YA-1, but has since expanded into a wide range of motorcycles including the 1700cc, 200 horsepower V-max. Yamaha produced its first 4 stroke engine in the XS 650 twin in 1970, which had a long production run lasting until 1985. Some of Yamaha’s achievements include the first single rear shock production machine on its YZ series motocross bike, to multiple world championships in road racing venues. They also branched out in 1994, creating a new line of bikes dubbed “ Star Motorcycles”.  Offering a wide range of race winning bikes, street cruisers, motocross machines and family friendly trail machines, Yamaha has become the second largest Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles.

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