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Kawasaki Aircraft produced its first motorcycle under the name of Meihatsu ( the 125 Deluxe ), and began construction of itís first dedicated motorcycle factory in 1960. With the acquisition of Meguro company ( another Japanese motorcycle manufacturer ) and the introduction of the B8M in 1963, Kawasaki began its long history in winning motocross machines. Following this success, Kawasaki soon expanded into high performance street machines with an ever increasing cc model range. In 1969 they released the wheelie prone 500cc H1 and a few years later ultra high performance 903cc Z1.  In the modern era, Kawasaki is known for its modern KLR and KLX models, popular among adventurer riders and motocross racers. After a short, limited co-operation with Suzuki motors on off road machines, Kawasaki is now focused on building quality machines for a wide segment of motorcycle enthusiasts.

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