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Suzuki began manufacturing motorized bicycles in 1952, but soon thereafter began building purpose made motorcycles. Thanks to the defection from East Germany by Grand Prix racer Ernst Degner, who brought with him extensive knowledge of two stroke engines, Suzuki focused solely on two stroke motors until the mid 70ís. Suzuki built a number of high performance 2 stroke street bikes including the GT750 triple, known as a powerful untamed monster. They also became the first Japanese manufacturer to win a motocross world championship when Joel Roberts won the 250cc crown in 1970. With successes in both on and off road racing, including the 500cc road racing division, Suzuki did not produce itís first 4 stroke engine until 1976, in its GS series street bikes. Known currently for its extreme 1300cc Hayabusa GSX superbike, its venerable DRZ off road bikes and retro themed Street Cruisers, Suzuki continues to innovate and build machines that appeal to a wide ranging base of Power Sports enthusiasts.

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