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Founded in 1885, Triumph produced its first all in house built motorcycle in 1902, making it the oldest, continuous production motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Due to the raging success of the 650cc Speed Twin in the US market, dubbed the Thunderbird, Triumph had captured a full 50% of the domestic US market by 1969. Ironically, because of the success of that model development basically stopped at Triumph. This was during a time of increased competition from the Japanese manufacturers, and Triumph went into receivership in 1983. In the interests of keeping the brand alive, an English property developer bought the brand and licensed the production of the Bonneville until 1988. At that time Triumph re-launched an all new range of motorcycles, using the retro names it was known for. Triumph built 37,000 motorcycles in 2006, and continues to this day to build quality street machines.


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