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Sealed Lead Batteries & Powersport Batteries    1 year factory warranty*.
All battery and battery pack warranty claims are subject to the following conditions and limitations:

Conditions and Limitations

1. The battery shall be the proper size, design, and capacity for the application. Failure to use the proper battery for the application will void any and all warranties.
2. The battery shall be handled, stored, and installed properly. Final installation shall be completed no more than six months from the date of receipt.
3. The battery shall be operated in conjunction with a current limited, constant voltage charging system, and otherwise operated and maintained in accordance with instructions.
4. Battery cell capacity degradation due to excessive use is not covered
5. Only the remaining unused portion of the original battery's warranty shall apply to the replacement battery.
6. This warranty is void if the battery is subject to misuse, abuse, visible physical damage, or if the battery becomes unusable due to fire, wreckage, flooding, freezing, or any other acts of God.
7. The above stated warranties are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranty of merchant ability or fitness.
In no event shall AZBatteryStore.com be liable for any loss or damages of any other kind, whether direct, incidental, consequential, exemplary, special or otherwise. Nor shall AZBatteryStore.com be liable for any removal or installation expense, or the loss of time or profits.
8. These limited warranties apply to the original purchaser (user) and are not transferable.
9. The user shall promptly notify AZBatteryStore.com in the event of an alleged defect.

To file a warranty claim for any SLA battery or battery pack, please e-mail us.

*Application exception: Batteries used in wheelchairs/electric scooters shall carry a six (6) month warranty only.




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