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LILEAD Lithium Batteries
T5   LILEAD Lithium Battery T5

14.2 Volt, 800 Amp LILEAD Lithium Battery  

2 Year full replacement warranty.  5.3 Pounds!



Price: $369.50 / Each


LILEAD T5 Specifications:  

                Longer Warranty 2-year FULL replacement warranty.
                Longer service life – 6-8 years of service life.
                Longer cycle life – Up to 6,000 cycles.
                Longer shelf life – Storable with nothing connected to the terminals for up to 6 months.
                Faster recharge – 100% recharge in just 9 minutes – the highest efficiency of any lithium battery.
                Flexible mounting – Dual post design allows for mounting on any side.
                Vibration resistance – Protection against the high impact shocks and vibration that often cause premature battery failure.
                Maintenance free – No need to add water, ever!
                Improved safety – Classified “non-spillable” – no acid spills and no escaping gases.

                Applications – Motorcycles, ATV’s, Utility Vehicles & Jet-Ski’s.
                Pulse current – 800A
                Max action volt – 14.2V
                Life Cycle 10% DOD – 6,000
                Charge time – 9 minutes
                Weight – 5.3 lbs.
                Dimensions – (L*W*H) 5.9” x 3.3” x 5.7”
                Lighted LED display -  Shows the current state of charge
                Battery Management System – Complete battery protection 

LILEAD Phoenix Technology, the most advanced Battery Management System available. The LILEAD lithium battery is protected from over and under charging, giving you confidence your vehicle will start every time!

LILEAD lithium battery has passed the GB/T31467.3, the toughest lithium battery standard.  All materials used in LILEAD batteries are UL-94 VO fire proof grade.  LILEAD batteries are IP67 certified, the dust and water proof standard adopted by U.S. Air Force and Swedish Defense Ministry.  Our durable design can easily handle any condition or vibration your ride can dish out.

Only use the LILEAD charger to charge the battery.

Click here to purchase the LILEAD 10 Amp Lithium Charger for $130.00 and we will extend your LILEAD battery warranty to 6 years.  (3 times the industry standard)

Every battery that leaves our warehouse has been thoroughly charged and tested. 


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